Developers and Partners


The Providence Revolving Fund consults on a variety of historic preservation projects in Providence, working with non-profit and for-profit developers on affordable housing and commercial development on threatened historic properties. 

We have significant experience in design review, construction management, and in developing scopes of work for restoration projects. The Revolving Fund also provides historic paint color analysis and selection. To inquire about our services, please contact Carrie Zaslow at 401-272-2760 ext. 203 or email

partners in development

Our Partners in Development

The Providence Revolving Fund has participated as historic preservation and development consultant to West Broadway Neighborhood Association, SWAP, the Elmwood Foundation, Women’s Development Corporation, Omni Development Corp., AIDS Care Ocean State, Smith Hill Community Development Corporation, Foundry Associates, Streuver Brothers, Armory Revival Company, West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation, Cornish Associates, Urban Smart Growth, Belvoir Properties, Brown University and Youth in Action.

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