Construction Management

Repairing a historic home can be intimidating – deciding on a reputable contractor, not knowing all the things that may need to be repaired or if they are repaired correctly, managing payments… It can be a scary process.  But it doesn’t have to be!  

Let PRF’s experienced Project Managers take the lead!  Our team of construction specialists will help alleviate the stress of a renovation and repair project.  From reviewing the scope of work to prioritizing repairs, they are all in from the beginning.  They manage the bid process to find you the right contractor and present you with options for how to move forward – leaving you in control without the stress.  Project Managers interact with the construction team, oversee the repairs, and manage the payment process for you.  PRF makes sure the job is done right and that you have a successful repair you can be proud of but without the hassle of managing it to completion.  

When receiving a repair loan with PRF, our construction management services are a part of the lending package.  If you are self-financing, we can still help.  For a small fee, let PRF take the headache out of the renovation process and act as your liaison to get your repair done right!

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historic paint samples

Color Consultations

Want to preserve the historic charm of your older home but don’t want to go with something plain-Jane that mimics five other houses in your neighborhood?  Let PRF provide you with a free historic color consultation.  We present options and new ways to mix and match historic colors that uphold the charm of your older home but that also reflect your personal aesthetic.  Call 401-272-2760 today to book a consultation!

Managing your projects too!

PRF is not just a partner in Providence rehabilitation projects.  In 2019, the organization entered into a partnership with the cities of Pawtucket and Central Falls to manage the construction end of their HUD HOME programs.  PRF provided scopes for the work and ensured all regulations were met as it oversaw the project to completion.  This model of partnership is a great of example of how a city/town near to Providence utilized PRF and eased the burden on City Hall staff, who had several other programs to attend to in their day-to-day work.

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